Thursday, November 17, 2011

Monthly Milestones

It pains me to say that Liam has reached his 3 (and 1/2) month milestone. I don't know what it is, but all I want to do is find the giant pause button to life and pounce on it. My little boy is growing up waaaay too fast and I can't even take it. Okay so maybe 3 months doesn't sound old BUT when you are a new mommy, it feels like I should already be planning his sweet sixteen! I guess I just want to cherish every single second I have with him as much as I can. When I see that time is literally flying by, I fear that I haven't cherished his precious moments long enough. I know, I have officially turned into a sappy mom... I can't help it.

So 3 months have come and gone and I can't even begin to explain how much my sweet boy has changed and grown. He turns into a new baby every week, seriously. I wanted to share some of the milestones he as reached in his beginning...

Liam Month 1
Liam Month 2
Liam Month 3
Okay, so clearly the little man hasn't missed a meal. He definitely gained a set of cheekers in month 2. Yumm! They are delicious. He has also taken me on quite the ride reaching so many milestones. Here are some that I will forever cherish..

* He checks out everything! Those traveling eyes now lock in on things... especially mommy ;).

*Play yard=FUN! As soon as he lays under this music playing contraption, he starts smiling and talking away. It is seriously precious and I have an insane amount of video footage. No joke.

*The sweetness that is bath time. Little man just loves soaking up the suds and relaxing in his whale tub. He can no finally take the cold! whew.
*A smiling fool----that's what he is! Little leap smiles so much and he is starting to giggle (melt my heart). I am in love with snapping pics of that dimpled cuteness. * He is so strong. He loves to stand (with help of course) and he just started the whole---I really want to sit up and I'm going to try even though I can only get my head up thing.

* He loves to talk! I swear I have a full conversation with him....filled with lots of babble and smiles. I absolutely love that I can talk to him and he will respond and react. These are the sweetest parts of my day. I eat up every second!

*We figured out nap time!!!!! I know this sounds so not exciting, but you seriously have no idea how difficult it can be to determine a sleep routine that works for an infant. Especially an infant that doesn't so much understand the word "consistent". He sure relayed the "I need to nap now" message to me and I stuck with it.

*He has started to somewhat sleep through the night. That's a huge SOMEWHAT. If he doesn't have a stuffy nose and has great naps during the day, he gives mommy that much needed full-night of sleep. I sure do love those nights ;D

*Liam officially discovered the TV. I love watching him gaze at that colorful screen and just be totally interested. I know, TV already!?! I make sure he is watching something super infant-educational. Meaning---bright colors, cute characters, happy-happy-happy stuff. Whatever, it is so stinkin' cute!

*We started cereal! He is so good at eating up all the deliciousness that is in rice and oatmeal. I love wiping off that messy face when he is all done.

So here are a few of the million and one other milestones he has reached. I am blown away with how much he has changed and grown. I love every second of it and don't want to forget one bit of it. He continues to amaze me and become more and more precious.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Things That Totally Melt My Heart

Every mom can vouch that their little one brings smiles for days to their life. At almost 8 weeks in to this incredible world of Mommyhood, I have already experienced thousands of these smiles because of my sweet boy. He lights up my world and opens my eyes and heart to the small stuff. The stuff that truly counts.

So I thought I would put together my top 10 favorite things Liam blesses me with. Obviously I had to leave out the other million and 1 other things....Here goes!

1-- That smile, ohhh that smile. Every morning you look at me and that mischievous, adorable smile comes across your face. Your to-die-for dimples appear on those chubby cheekers and all I can do is melt with a GIANT smile across my face. I love that I see that smile more and more. Mommy sings---he smiles, Mommy tickles--he smiles. I-LOVE-IT!
2--Those baby blues! Yes, your big blue eyes light up my world and make me fall in love with you more and more and more. They sure sweep me off my feet :D
3--Yaaaaaawn! Oh sweet boy how you are always yawning..... and I mean YAWNING. I don't know how you do it, but that mouth stretches so big it takes over your face. You have done it since day 1 and it makes me giggle every time.
4--Bath time. You might not like getting in the tub and particularly out of the tub BUT boy do you love kickin' back in that warm water in the tub. You are so relaxed and happy which makes me happy. And what mom doesn't just love their little ones bare little booty!?! To die for.

5--Watching you sleep. You have that butt up in the air and you are curled up in a little ball. You seem to be in pure bliss when those eyes close and you get swept away to baby dreamland. If only I could figure out what is going on in that dream ;) Liam sleeping=peaceful
6--Cheekers. Yes I mentioned them earlier but they so deserve another acknowledgment. Those round, dimpled, scrumptious cheeks just scream cuteness. Now I might have a lot to do with the chubby part of them (baby likes to eat!), but I can't get enough of them.
7--Cuddle time. Snuggling with my sweet angel is just the best. You nestle right under my arm and just drift away. It is the best lazy I have ever had.
8-- Seeing you all dolled up! I mean that in the most down and dirty boyish way ;) Every day I can't wait to get you dressed so I can swoon over your handsome-ness. You are and will always be my little man.
9--Those sweet itty-bitty hands that I absolutely love to hold. Those little fingers are what stole my heart when you were only 20 weeks old inside my tummy. Getting to see your sweet hands at an ultrasound made you come to life in my world. It made everything so real and beautiful. I will never tire of holding those hands. -sigh-
10--You love your mommy. You might be having a no good, terrible-rotten day, but with mommy's touch and of course bounce, you calm right back down. I love discovering what makes you happy and being able to give that to you every single day.
So there they are. 10 of my oh-so-favorite things that I experience with you almost every day!

I love you!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Drum Roll Please....

I would like to introduce the sweetest, most precious little miracle ever placed in my world.

Meet Liam.

Born on September 9, 2011 at 12:20AM. He was 7.25lbs, 18.4" long and just breathtaking.

My-world-has-changed and I am loving every bit!

To recap how this sweet angel came into the world... I will rewind back to September 7th---when it all began.

That evening we had our final ultrasound. I-was-pumped! I had anxiously waited for 27 weeks to get another looksy at the little guy. He looked perfect as ever. Chubby cheekers, button nose, floating around oh so sweetly. Evidence below-

Okay, this obviously doesn't do his sweet face justice. I guess that's what you get when you take a picture of a picture of a model floating in a bunch of...well you get my point. To me-he looks precious.

So after capturing this sweet boy we came home. I was feeling great. There was no aching back or legs.... I was moving around like my old self and energy wise, felt good. That week I kept saying, I feel way to good. This little guy is going to be in there forever. I guess I thought there were supposed to be a bunch of signs that led up to preliminary labor aches and pains. Nope my friends, I was wrong. A few hours after floating on cloud nine from the ultrasound, this is what happened-

Let's just say the floodgates opened....not just because of the monsterous monsoon we were living through for days in central PA (Thanks to hurricane Lee) but at approxomitely 10PM my water broke. "POP" it did! I think my eyes popped too--out of my head that is. Aaand my heart stopped. That was when I officially jumped out of reality and into a bubble that floats around in some other surreal world. My mind became a blur from that second on.

An hour passed and I was feeling some cramping but completely cool, calm and collected. Hah! No seriously, I was. I laid in bed trying to rest and relax--this was advice that was beat many many times into my head from my sista. So I tried. I was totally wide eyed waiting for the labor to really hit. The labor filled with all that fun pain you see in movies and of course on Baby Story. (tell me you haven't watched one of those episodes before...whew) There was not a lot of shut-eye going on at all.

We became more and more nervous about having this little baby BUT the nerves were about the weather. The weather that was not on our side. The rain was in full force, major flooding included. Since we had to drive a little ways, we decided to go to the hospital early. Luckily my bags were packed and all it took was picking up my jaw from the floor and jumping in the car. There we drove, white-knuckled, down to the hospital.

I was checked in and hooked up by midnight.

Feeling like this....

Okay clearly those oh-so-flattering gowns they give you, don't make the best outfits for pics. Let me just say this... I could have cared less.

So hours passed and I am talking hours. My contractions progressed but I happily faught through them. That's when the nurse said, " I am waiting for that moment I walk in and you don't have a big smile across your face." Well I thought she was nuts and that I was some insanely strong woman that could just bare pain really REEEALY well.

ha! That soon changed after I met my friend, Pitocin. Yes, this stuff was pumped in me after my contractions decided to take a short vacay from labor. Well pain came, and I mean quick. I felt it- oh how I felt it. Those contractions would come and I would try to breathe in-breathe out (although there was zero oxygen entering my lungs), stay calm, focus and get through it all natural. I was a popcicle eating, position changing fool.

Those contractions decided to come back to our world and stop by a lot more. 20 some odd hours passed and I finally parted with my not so friendly friend hoping I could finish off this labor without it. Soon everything came to a hault (including my labor) and I had to get back on it. This time I decided my original "all natural" plan was no longer in the cards. 22 hours of major pain sure takes a lot out of you ;) So Mr. Epidural came along and made my life sooooo much easier. I was ready to push not long after. 18 minutes of pushing and out came our bundle of joy!

He is perfect in every way! He was definitely in good hands before making his grand entrance :D

This little one has completely won my heart over and I have fallen so in love. He is growing so fast and I already want to stop the clock so I can cherish every second I have with him. I feel like he has already reached so many milestones in just 6 weeks! I am so in for it.

Our life has officially done a 180 since parenthood entered our world. Is it tough... yes. Is it exhausting....oh yeah. BUT it is the most amazing place to be. Liam has been a gift from the moment I found out I was pregnant and he will forever be one.

Clearly I just wrote a novel of a post so I will share the many milestones he has already reached later. For now, I will leave you with an updated picture of the munchkin. Oh and ladies, he is mine ;)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moving On Up and Down

Did 2 weeks just pass before my eyes?!?! Ummmm I think they did. Well friends, the word "busy" cannot even compare to what has been going on lately. Let me just recap what has been going on and is still my present....

I FINALLY moved! If you could hear the huge sigh of relief I just gave, you would know how happy I am. I must say, I do NOT recommend moving at 9 months pregnant, but sometimes we can't control life's time clock. I definitely couldn't on this one. Anyways, my unbelievable friends and family made it all happen. Smoothly I might add :D It started with a packing party and ironically ended with an unpacking party. Not only was their unpacking involved, but there was some major, and I mean MAJOR, assembling. I decided to travel to the Swedish world of Ikea before the big move to find things to furnish my house. I was extreeeeemely successful there and ended up with a truck load. Unfortunately Ikea means assembling---Long hours of assembling. Well peeps we did it. Every last box. It looks so great! I can't even begin to thank them each for all that they did for me. It truly touched my heart <3.

So the house is definitely coming together but I still have LOTS to do before my little miracle arrives. Hopefully this weekend will do the job. Liam's nursery will be done and ready to welcome him in. I am getting the final odds and ends that I need and will soon be packing a bag.... just in case! ;) This Sunday marks my 37th week and that means baby Liam is considered full term. That means he can come at any time! Ohhhhhh geeez that is a little scary! I am ready but I am not. Let's be honest, can you ever be 100% ready to bring a life into this world. My heart is definitely filled with enough love, but my mind is going a little crazy.

I will be sure to post another pic ASAP. My baby bump is not so much a bump but more of a giant beach ball. He has taken me over and begun his journey south! No longer do I feel that little guy nudged under my ribs.... he has started his descend. I am still feeling pretty good but started to get those uncomfortable, achy, it's almost time feelings. I definitely get very tired and sleepy but seem to be getting a full night of sleep. The tossing and turning has slowed down.... Hallelujah! My next appointment is in a couple days and I can't wait to hear what they have to say.

Promise I wont go forever before the next entry. Life got the best of me I guess!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time For a Check Up

Yesterday I had my 34 week check up. Everything went wonderful. Liam is as healthy as can be and filling out in there. His heartbeat was perfect and the doc gave me 2 thumbs up! I of course left with a happy heart knowing that the little guy was healthy and right on schedule. It's pretty amazing that a 15 minute appointment can fill me up with so much love. Our next round of appointments will be weekly, meaning.... I am officially on the home stretch! CrAzY!!

I have quite the to-do list before his big arrival, so he better stay comfortable in there. Luckily I have this energy surge and I have been quite the busy bee. My classroom and back to school stuff is finally coming to a "complete" stage, I have started washing all of Liam's clothes (which by the way are the cutest ever), and I am on to all things house. I will be heading down to my parents to search around for anything and everything I might need to turn my new house into a home. Okay, maybe not everything but a nice chunk of it :D. Come Monday, I will officially be able to move. Woohoo! I am so anxious and exited to get in there. Please cross your fingers and pray that everything goes smoothly. I don't need any road bumps on this journey!

Before I come to a close, I thought I would share some recent photos I snapped of my new prized possession....
Yes my friends, I finally decided on a stroller, pulled the trigger, and actually purchased it. Isn't she just beauteous!?! I think the angels sang when I pulled it out of the box.... or maybe that was me :D. I absolutely love it and I am already dying to take the little Mr. for a walk. Another baby necessity complete!

I think I might start playing the Powerball.....Babies are expensive! Yikes!

Showered with Love

Lots has been going on. LOTS! The past few days have been filled with so many incredible moments that will be locked away in my memory vault forever. On Sunday I was showered with love and all things baby at what I believe was THE most adorable shower ever. I walked in to rooms filled with giant paper lanterns, beautiful flowers, incredibly delicious food, and clotheslines of itsy bitsy onesies. It was pure eye candy looking at all the little details. I was completely memorized. My mom, sister and girlfriends did such an amazing job and definitely made this girl feel beyond special. There isn't a high enough mountain to yell out the "Thank You" that I want to give them each. I am so so grateful for each of them and all the wonderful women that surrounded me that day.

Unfortunately my camera bit the dust 5 minutes after arriving, so I didn't get the snapshots that I so desperately wanted. But here are a few before the lens went black.
These cupcakes were the absolute cutest. They were even completed with elephants.
Yumm. Everything was out of control delicious. I hit up this table a few too many times.... at least I have a good excuse!
This diaper cake should possibly be submitted to some sort of contest. I don't think I will ever want to take it apart. It is too perfect!This just might be my most favorite photo of all times! Our first "Schrei" family photo complete with baby Liam :). Love it.

As you can so easily see, the shower was perfect! It was so nice to finally relax and celebrate my little miracle with friends and family.

My incredible moments did not stop there.....

On Tuesday, I had my maternity shoot with Tara from Antiquity Photography. She was so amazing and made me feel completely comfortable. I had such a blast as she snapped away. This shoot was definitely filled with lots of adventure as I went from sitting in a field to riding on a ranger, laying on a dock to riding on a ranger, and finally to walking through a deep creek with water-filled boots. It was great! Anything to get a good pic, right!?! You can check out a teaser of some of those snapshots on her blog. Here are a couple of my faves.

I am so in love with her work and can't wait to see the rest. Baby Liam will be her model very soon.... I can not even imagine the sweetness that those will be.

As you can see, a lot of memories have been made lately. It is an incredible feeling!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I must preface with a HUGE (legitimate) excuse as to why I have been MIA..... My life, as I know it, has officially turned CrAzY! Crazy as in, I have a million +1 things to do and I am slowly whittling away at each thing. Let me just give you a brief run down of what I am talking about.

*School starts in 2 1/2 weeks-meaning- Room Set-up, Lesson Plans, Label Label Label, Orientation, Label Label Label.

So basically a whole lot of this....Clearly my partner in crime is NOT helping out!

*I FINALLY finished my summer Master's classes. (WAHOO) 2 Down, 8 more to go! Ha.. that seems like an eternity away.

*I am moving in 2 weeks, as in 2 days before Kindergarten orientation. I know I know. I am nuts! Unfortunately I didn't have too much say in this one.

*I need to pack all my 'ish up. Not excited about this :D

*Oh...and if I haven't mentioned it......I am having a baby really really REALLY soon! No joke. Check out the little widget to the left counting down the days and weeks until the big arrival. It makes my heart race every time I take a peek at it.

So basically I look and feel like this:
MASSIVE!!!! Holy hugeness, I literally feel like little man is going to come flying out my belly button. Not to worry... even though I am slightly uncomfortable, I am still smiling ear to ear. You would be able to see it if I didn't go crazy with the cropping tool. Trust me, my face was not photo ready! I have definitely stepped into the "I-need-to-have-everything-ready-and-perfectly-perfect-for-baby" stage. Not a good one to be in. It makes momma a little nuts. I definitely need to up my yoga!

As you can see, my mind is running in all sorts of directions. It's exhausting to be in that head of mine! Even though there are so so SO many things on my plate right now, I have many special moments coming up. My baby shower and maternity pictures are in a few short days. Both of these completely make me giddy. I can't wait to celebrate baby Liam with those that have been so amazing throughout this journey and will continue to be when he arrives. AND I can't wait to capture this pregnancy so I can have a special keepsake. The thought of being able to share these pictures while I tell him all about the miraculous time he spent growing in my tummy, definitely pulls my heart strings. So precious :)

On a lighter note... The latest appointment went fabulous again. Liam is growing and moving on up. Towards my rib cage of course. He keeps me on my toes as he squirms right under those things. The midwife said she thinks he is on the smaller side but it is hard to tell at this point. I have been feeling really good but super sleepy. Naps are my new best friend. I-LOVE-THEM! My next appointment is in a week. I will get to meet his doctor and take a tour of labor and delivery. Apparently we will discuss some delivery options.... I am pretty sure the nurse will have to pick my jaw up off the floor at this point. Delivery and me are really not on good terms right now. Scary is about the only word that comes to mind. Oh how I wish there was a sweet little stork that did in fact fly so gracefully down to my doorstep to deliver a precious package wrapped up tight.

I guess my new motto needs to be, "No pain no gain". Believe you me, I want that gain!